“Pollution free energy for a better tomorrow”

The use of Solar panels in Perth is constantly becoming ever more accepted for their many benefits. They bank your money and fuel by using one of the most abundant renewable energy sources the world has – the sun. They also reduce greenhouse gas emissions which is a major contribute towards climatic change. Private homes, commercial establishments and eco – friendly institutions are opting to install solar panels in Perth for various reasons.

Solar panels Perth

Advantages of using of Solar Power in Perth:

  • By implementing solar energy panels in your home or business provides you with a clean and pollution free energy.
  • You only have to pay for the solar power panels that you are going to install in your home once, and you will save more electricity and money on electric bills.
  • Frequent power failure or complete blackout during any natural disaster can be very troublesome. Here, comes the role of installing solar power in your homes. You can enjoy uninterrupted flow of electricity under any circumstances.
  • You can pick from regular silicon panels to waterproof rubber roof PV sheets to generate your customized power requirements.
  • You may also avoid the solar panel systems altogether and utilize plastic-coated glass with solar PV technology. Some agencies in Perth have already developed fine quality laminated glass windows to be used as a source of energy as well.

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(a) Excludes fuels used for transport purposes.
Source: BREE 2012 Australian energy statistics data – Table F, <www.bree.gov.au>

Why to use Solar Power in Perth?

On 6 May 2007, Western Australian prime minister, Alan Carpenter announced the formation of a new Climate Change Office, with a plan that included:

  • an objective to reduce emissions by at least 60% below 2000 levels by 2050
  • a $36.5 million Low Emission Energy DevelopmentSolar panels Fund
  • a target to increase renewable energy generation on the South West Interconnected System to 15% by 2020 and 20% by 2025
  • a clean energy target of 50% by 2010 and 60% by 2020
  • State Government purchase of 20% renewable energy by 2010
  • a mandatory energy efficiency program that will require large and medium energy users to invest in cost effective energy efficiency measures
  • tripling the successful solar schools program so that over 350 schools will be using renewable energy by 2010

(Source: http://portal.environment.wa.gov.au/pls/portal/docs/PAGE/DOE_ADMIN/GREENHOUSE_REPOSITORY/TAB6327544/2007006CLIMATECHANGE.PDF)

The announcement immediately brought into operation several manufacturers who have smart options for electrifying homes in Perth with Solar Power.

Hence, Government initiatives along with personal needs have boosted the growth of solar power panels in Perth.

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